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At Youth for Christ Metro Pittsburgh (YFCMP), we are committed to reaching young people everywhere, sharing the transformative power of Christ’s love through relational ministry. In this spirit, we’re thrilled to share insights from an interview that beautifully embodies our mission and the impact of Campus Life – Washington Youth Ministry on the lives of youth.

Nathan’s Journey: A Testament to Growth and Community

Nathan M., a 14-year-old with a zest for life and an open heart, shares how Campus Life has been a catalyst for significant personal development: “It’s gotten me out of my shell because I used to be a very closed-up, bottled person. Ever since going to Campus Life and like meeting new people, I’ve been able to bring out a new faith of sorts.”

The Role of Vulnerability and Honesty

Stephen Thomas, Campus Life Director at the Washington Youth Ministry, reflects on Nathan’s honesty and vulnerability, stating, “Even though he was shy, Nathan had a way when we asked questions, Nathan always answered super honest… his willingness to be vulnerable definitely helped lead other people to be honest as well.”

Discovering a Supportive Community

Nathan’s story is a reminder of the supportive community that Campus Life provides: “Campus Life has showed me that there are good people out there and you’re not going to find them if you just sit doing the same thing again and again and again.”

Looking back, Nathan expresses one singular wish: “If there was one thing I could take back about Campus Life, it’s not going sooner.”

Stephen ties Nathan’s experience back to our mission, emphasizing, “We’re all about connecting with people’s stories and getting to know them, and then pointing them back to the source, which we believe is Jesus.”

As we celebrate Nathan’s story, we invite you to become a part of students’ journey at YFCMP and Washington Youth Ministry. Whether you’re a young person seeking community, a potential volunteer looking to make a difference, or someone interested in partnering with us, there’s a place for you here. Together, we can give life to more stories, grounded in the love and hope of Christ. To begin, subscribe to our newsletter.


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