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Helping High School Students, Along With Their Parents

Teenage Years Are Foundational

Within the high school years, teenagers are going through the greatest changes in their lives. It is within these years that teenagers begin to really start developing ideas of who they are and where they stand in this world. These years are imperative for teens to have a good understanding of identity in Christ and encouraging peers to help stay away from the dark temptations that can hurt them and others…

Sadly, very few teens are connected to influences that encourage healthy character. Honestly, Kids are having trouble feeling connected to anything at all. Ironically, due to social media, Teenagers today are the most “connected” generation in the history of the world, yet at the same time the loneliest. According to a study by Cigna U.S. on loneliness, 73% of Generation Z (anyone born from 2000-2015) have reported feeling sometimes or always alone. That is a huge percentage of youth who are simply feeling isolated, and it is significantly more than previous generations. Something is happening that is spurring up lonesome feelings in the youth of our communities.

Loneliness is just the tip of the iceberg, “Consequently, loneliness in young adults can exacerbate or be a catalyst for depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts, which in turn leads to more loneliness. That’s because the symptoms of depression and anxiety, such as low self-esteem and low energy, often prevent people from reaching out to others and engaging in social activities” (

These anxieties really do take a toll on the youth, they need help

How We help

Our hearts go out to the youth of our world as we hear the cries of pain stemming from their struggles. They need love, they need support, they need the healing relationship of Jesus.

Our group is a safe haven for those who are in pain. Many have come to our event filled with lonely despair and have found light. As our group is facilitated by Godly leaders whom serve our teenagers with self-giving love, we find that all teenagers need it. As a welcoming group full of joy, laughter, stability, and friendship that never gives up, we see kid’s lives completely restored by the Grace of God working through us.

Kids need wise counsel, they need solid ground, they need a family of good peers. As our group meets every week, we provide all those needs. With fun goofy games and deep enlightening discussions about God’s Word, Teenagers are given a hope that no internal struggles can compete. They are given the power of the Gospel of what Jesus has done for the universe.

And in that Gospel, is the promise that in the end everything is going to be ok and that because of that, restoration can take place right now. The Joy of the Lord is real and it rests upon those who listen to his Word.