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Helping Middle School Students, Along With Their Parents

Middle School Is Vital For The Foundation Of Teenagers

Middle school is a time where kids begin growing and changing. It is the start of some of the most influential and impactful years of their lives. It is in these years where surrounding influences such as friends, culture, teachers, and parents have the most impact.

As middle schoolers are subjected to natural biological changes of growth, there is a massive shift in their persona as they begin to be introduced to many hormonal and psychological factors that will majorly affect their perspective on the world. It is in this time, that young ones have the least control over themselves and are completely vulnerable to the influences of the environments around them. It is here in which very many young kids end up on the path of destruction as the world around them pressures them with harmful influences such as pornography, crude and inappropriate behavior, drugs and alcohol abuse, disrespect, and so many more negative things.

How We Help

To us, it is vital for us to be in middle schoolers’ lives so we may protect them from the destructive influences of this world by grounding them in the loving wisdom and truth of Christ so they will have stability and direction when the tides of change come their way. This strong foundation consists of understanding our identity in Christ and fellowship with a healthy, loving, supportive friend group composed of peers, older students, and adult leaders who all work in unison for the well-being of all involved. With a foundation like this, Middle schoolers will be able to have godly support so that they may grow through their teenage years grasping on to God’s plan for them and to stay away from harmful decisions that can lure them into negative consequences.

Our desire is to engage with Middle schoolers, by facilitating a weekly environment for them that offers excitement and joy as well as deep discussion that inspires them to lead a healthy stable life with a love for God and a Love to serve others. All of our meetings, events, trips, and conferences are all designed for the purpose of being the greatest influence on the children when they are just starting to see the world on their own.