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For over 50 years, our ministry has been offering trips that have added immense value to the lives of the students who have participated as they cultivate friendships, invite adventure, and bring about discussion that engages them to think deeper about life, purpose, and Jesus.

Yearly Trips

Our Trips are guaranteed to have a positive impact on the lives of the youth attending. In all of our 50 years of ministry we have not been on one trip that hasn’t created memories that will be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

These trips offer the youth amazing opportunities to get away from the distracting troubles of everyday life and to adventure alongside close friends, led by beloved trained leaders who will guide kids through experiences of a lifetime. As youth travel, they get the chance to ponder deeper things since they are outside of their everyday system of activities and thoughts. They get to really think about the purpose of life and begin to ponder deeper who they are and what they desire to do with the life they have been given. With positive encouragement and intentional leadership, we help the youth discover purpose and help inspire them to live in fulfillment of life by forming and deepening a relationship with God.

On these adventures, youth spend a lot of time participating in amazing activities with their friends and leaders. From the beach to the forest, kids get to partake in activities such as swimming, ziplining, singing, sports, kayaking, talent shows, hiking, water parks, roller coasters, and so much more. Through these activities, kids temporarily forget about the problems at home and are filled with excitement and curiosity as they try new things. They begin to find themselves more connected with others and reality. They form comradery with their peers and loving trust with their leaders as they are lead through their amazing activities and wonderful discussions that enrich their view on life. Kids never go home without having formed positive relationships and feeling like they have a family of friends they can prosper through life with.

Trips We Offer

We offer a multitude of trips for three categories of ages: middle schoolers, highschoolers and young adults. Below is the information for every trip that we currently are offering.

High School Trips

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Your high school students are kept safe and chaperoned by trained leaders throughout the entirety of this trip. Students are never permitted to go off on their own and the plans for the trip are well organized to keep the kids engaged within the safety of their groups.  We also have a trained nurse that will accompany us on this trip in case there are any medical emergencies that take place.

Housing Details

High school students and leaders will be staying in high-quality cabins with running water, sinks, showers, heating, electricity, a kitchen, and bunks to sleep on. Kitchens are equipped with stoves, a microwave, and a refrigerator/freezer.

The location of these cabins is in a populated, wooded area right by Salt Fork Lake in Ohio. The cabin system is owned by the (insert name). This is where all Campus Life Groups from Metro Pittsburgh will be meeting.

There is a lodge within walking distance where we will gather frequently to participate in group activities and discussions, sing with the band, and listen to the speaker of the weekend. This lodge has a pool, hot tub, arcade, and souvenir shop for all to use.


Students are expected to pack food for the weekend as they have everything they need to store and prepare meals. Leaders strongly encourage their campus life groups to work together in getting supplies so they can organize and prepare meals together on the trip. Kitchens are equipped with a microwave, stoves, a refrigerator/ freezer, and proper kitchenware for cooking and eating.

Activities Planned

We have a lot of activities planned for this amazing weekend. All groups will meet up frequently at the lodge for music, games, and discussion. There is always a professional band that performs for the students and invites them to sing and dance along. The games we play are created to break the ice and give the youth an amazing time. On top of these are fun outdoor games we play that are always loved by all. There is also an indoor pool, hot tub, and arcade at the main lodge that students are welcome to use if they are chaperoned by a leader.

Fallout is our High School Campus Life’s end of fall, beginning of winter retreat (Fall-Out) which is a spectacular weekend trip to Salt Fort, Ohio. There will be tons of games and activities, time to hang out with peers and leaders, and time to engage in positive discussions about life, purpose, and God. This trip has a ton of fun to offer as kids grow closer with their friends, make new ones, and are inspired to grow in a relationship with God.

  • Heatwave (Summer)

Heatwave is an amazing trip to the beach of Wildwood New Jersey.  Every Year Youth For Christ Metro Pittsburgh meets up with other Youth for Christ high school Campus Life groups that travel from various states along the East Coast of the US for the best week of summer. Students are given the trip of a lifetime accompanied by amazing, organized activities and conference meetings, as well as time open for students to enjoy the beach and boardwalk alongside their leaders and friends.

Middle School Trips

  • Summer Escape (Summer)

  • Winter Splash (Winter)

Safety Is Our Top Priority

Your high schoolers are kept safe and chaperoned by trained leaders throughout the entirety of this trip. Students are never permitted to go off on their own and the plans for the trip are well organized to keep the kids engaged within the safety of their groups.  We also have a trained nurse that will accompany us on this trip in case there are any medical emergencies that take place.

Food And Housing

We rents out the “Tide Winds Motel” every year for this event. It serves as home base for all students and leaders on the trip. We have a great relationship with the owners who make sure the place is as accommodating as possible for our stay. Each room in the tide winds has full bedding, a shower, a toilet, sinks, a refrigerator/freezer, stoves, and sufficient kitchenware to cook and eat with.

The motel is only 5 minutes from the beach and convention center where we will be meeting with the other Campus Life chapters. A grocery store is within walking distance from the motel and students are encouraged to go grocery shopping, alongside their leaders, to buy food and supplies for the week; This will be much cheaper than eating out every night and will serve as a bonding opportunity for groups to cook meals together. With this being said, there are also many restaurants on the boardwalk and very close to the motel that students can eat at if they so choose.

Activities And Events

Every day, the YFC Campus Life groups meet at the Wildwood Conference center which is a block away (about a five-minute walk) from the motel we will be staying at. As the groups meet here in the morning and evening, they get to join in singing along with the band, come together in discussion-filled small groups we call “Deep Dives”, and get to listen to the guest speakers that we have brought out to inspire the teenagers in their life journey to form and deepen their relationship with God.

When we are not meeting together at the conference center, students are given the option to team up with their campus life groups and participate in organized sports tournaments that are held on every day of the trip. In these tournaments, Campus Life groups get to compete in friendly sports activities against the other campus life groups. These tournaments are always super fun, and friendly, and are always very popular for teenagers. The tournaments offered are fun sports like ultimate frisbee, volleyball, football, basketball, and soccer.

If teenagers do not wish to participate in sports, there are a plethora of other fun activities to do as well. There are talent shows to participate in, small group activities, sandcastle-building competitions, and other activities that are offered.  Also, since the beach is 5 minutes away, it’s always open for teenagers who are accompanied by a leader to go swim, play in the sand, relax, and hang out at. Teenagers also enjoy walking on the boardwalk, getting to look at the shops, eating some good food, riding roller coasters and Farris wheels, and getting to play arcade games.


Altogether, we have seen this trip consistently impact high schoolers for the better as it refreshes their minds, helps them form new friends, deepens their bonds with their current friends, and ultimately, inspires them to pursue a relationship with Christ.

Winter Splash (Middle School)

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Summer Escape (Middle School Trip)

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Young Adult Trips

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