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Trips Registrations

For over 50 years, our ministry has been offering trips that have added immense value to the lives of the students who have participated as they cultivate friendships, invite adventure, and bring about discussion that engages them to think deeper about life, purpose, and Jesus.

Yearly Trips

Our Trips are guaranteed to have a positive impact on the lives of the youth attending. In all of our 50 years of ministry we have not been on one trip that hasn’t created memories that will be loved and cherished for a lifetime.

These trips offer the youth amazing opportunities to get away from the distracting troubles of everyday life and to adventure alongside close friends, led by beloved trained leaders who will guide kids through experiences of a lifetime. As youth travel, they get the chance to ponder deeper things since they are outside of their everyday system of activities and thoughts. They get to really think about the purpose of life and begin to ponder deeper who they are and what they desire to do with the life they have been given. With positive encouragement and intentional leadership, we help the youth discover purpose and help inspire them to live in fulfillment of life by forming and deepening a relationship with God.

On these adventures, youth spend a lot of time participating in amazing activities with their friends and leaders. From the beach to the forest, kids get to partake in activities such as swimming, ziplining, singing, sports, kayaking, talent shows, hiking, water parks, roller coasters, and so much more. Through these activities, kids temporarily forget about the problems at home and are filled with excitement and curiosity as they try new things. They begin to find themselves more connected with others and reality. They form comradery with their peers and loving trust with their leaders as they are lead through their amazing activities and wonderful discussions that enrich their view on life. Kids never go home without having formed positive relationships and feeling like they have a family of friends they can prosper through life with.

High School Trips

Middle School Trips