Be a Leader

Join With Us

At YFC, it’s our aim to grow our ministry to unchurched students— to those in desperate need of the restorative love of Christ. We’ve established a variety of ways for individuals and organizations to join with us, because ministry to students is unique to every community.

Ministry Leaders

Ministry Leaders work directly with students, combining healthy relationships with creative programs to help young people make good choices, establish a solid foundation for life, and positively impact their schools. Ministry Leaders seek to engage these young people wherever they are found as life-long followers of Jesus Christ. Ministry Leaders encourage a balanced-life mentally, physically, spiritually and socially.  Watch the video above for more about becoming a ministry leader who shares the hope of Jesus with kids:


Ministry Support

Ministry support volunteers serve in various roles that allows them to use their talents, skills and gifting’s in some very specific ways. Sometimes these are ongoing throughout the year, other times it may be around an event or fundraiser, and still others are kept “on call” to help when a specific need arises. Some examples include;

  • Have an eye for design? You would be a great addition to our development events team, creating a warm, inviting space where the stories of lives changed through the work of Youth for Christ can be shared.
  • Could you organize a jar of marbles? Consider serving with our administration team, who serve our direct ministry leaders and staff, empowering them to focus more time towards mobilizing their teams to reach lost students.
  • Is your nickname Handy Manny? In the past few years, we’ve acquired a number of facilities that we run our ministries and other programs out of. Your talent and expertise in various skills such as electrical, plumbing, construction, painting and carpentry can directly bless the students we serve as God is moving in their lives.

Fundraising Event Support

Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ holds two fundraising events each year where volunteers are needed:  The Sweet Life Women's Dessert Contest in the spring, and our Comedy Cafe (replacing the annual banquet) in the fall.  Help is needed to organize, plan, decorate, recuit bakers, obtain silent auction items, and invite guests.  

Community Support Teams

A group of adults who believe in the mission of YFC in their local community, community support teams serve as a liaison between ministry leaders and the community. This is accomplished through regular team meetings, usually 6 times a year, and other assignments and tasks to further advance the mission. These teams support and grow Youth for Christ through the ownership of these three responsibilities.

  1. Advocating for Campus Life
  2. Caring for the Campus Life Ministry Team
  3. Ensuring financial health and sustainability for Campus Life

Board Leadership

Established visionary leaders who use their talents, guidance and influence to direct the mission of Metro Pittsburgh Youth for Christ. Our board members accomplish this through regular board meetings, committee leadership, and by advocating through their personal circle of influence.