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A Perfect Community And Its Most Important Component For Survival

A community is a like a machine, it has a lot of parts that work together to sustain itself and create wonderful things. The community when working correctly is a safe, friendly environment that is successful in cultivating a unison amongst its members that inspires comradery through offering one another goods and services that sustain and enhance life. These goods and services are typically offered by individuals who have a particular desire/experience in dealing with them and are either given freely to their neighbors or traded for other resources and services that can benefit them as well. These roles of offering can be absolutely anything, from being a minimum wage cashier, to running a car wash, to being a parent or teach or  pastor or coach… any and every role has value that is useful to the community and is a part of the communal system. In this ideal community, all are protected, all are valued, all are taken care of, and all care for the future of their society.

All should know that the most vital component of the future of a society is its youth. Restoration is found in the generations to come, and the development of those youth is drastically dependent upon the influence of the generations in charge now. An ideal community is one that is very intentional on the treatment of their youth. All members of the community, no matter what position or career, should focus most of their attention on serving youth in some shape or fashion. If the youth are developed with love, truth, respect, hope, and courage, they will become prominent building blocks for a better future for all things. With the future in focus, the well-being of the youth sought after, and genuine neighborly love valued highly, communities are destined to flourish and prosper.

As our organization desires to help everyone in every role of our society to Love God and love others by doing their part in their community, we have a particular focus in helping the youth. We have found that by making the youth the center of all focus, we can help align every other part of a community in perfect harmony by calibrating all into this goal of taking care of the development of the young ones. As stated, the youth is the future of the humanity, future of creation, future of everything; if we all align together under the head of Christ and focus on raising these children the way they should go, then the future of our societies will be better than they ever were before.

Components In A Community

While the list of important parts of a community can be by no means exhausted, here are just a few that are very important to keeping the future in focus, the well-being of the youth sought after, and genuine neighborly love valued highly so that communities may be destined to flourish and prosper.


Family is the most prominent and important building block to a society. In a family, the youth are developed, goods and services are produced, and neighborly love is created and modelled. To help the youth and the society, the family is the most important and impactful way to do it through.

Godly values and mindset are vital for the well-being of a family. If parents put the Lordship of Jesus first and live out his teachings, then their youth will do the same and so will those who live around them. If parents are united to one another in unconditional love, they will act in unison and there will be no separation— their actions will be as one meaning that their effects are doubled in productivity. A united parenthood devoted to the Love and teaching of Jesus is a recipe for a very healthy household. Kids are inspired to seek and live the good from birth and are encouraged to teach others to do the same.

How We Help Families

We help both the parents and the youth of the community. With youth as our focus, we run programs that give the youth frequent and intentional leadership that develops trusting relationships with leaders and followers, in which the leaders’ examples are geared to point kids towards the love and teachings of Christ.

We offer Godly advice to the parents as we design Christ centered content for them. Devotion programs, monthly meetings, and wise council from our experienced leaders will be offered to parents to help them keep their house united under Christ. As parents are taught to actively engage their kids with the God’s Word and inspired to live out the Word in their own lives, their children will see the abundance of life in their parents deeds and actions and will want to live out that example in their own existence.

Campus Life

Parent Life

How We Help Schools

Schools are huge part in how Kids are educated and developed. When schools are functioning right, kids are critical thinkers whom are educated in the math’s and sciences and  are literate as they are trained to read and discover the truth on their own. If the school has good teachers, then it will have a safe and educational environment.  If the schools have Christ-like group of students, then they will have safe and educational environments.

We help schools by partnering with them in developing their students. Since our ministry has the youth in focus and we offer programs for helping the youth, then we are very valuable to schools.

The way we exist in a school environment is as a club. If allowed, we like to get on campus and become a known part of the schools we are involved with. We desire the students to know of us as a friendly organization that exists to help them develop and be empowered.

Schools find that as they let us help, we help create and foster responsible and loving environment in the schools. This is of course done through the students. Schools will their student being kinder to one another, more respectful to their teachers, and more eager to learn what is true and how to think critically.

How We Partner With Businesses

Businesses are important as well with communities, they are the key parts that offer goods and services to the members of the community. These businesses can increase the quality of living through what they offer. Supermarkets support the community through food and supplies they offer, gyms improve the health of the community, restaurants offer fun recreational meals, park services offer amazing environments for people to experience nature, and these are just a few of the businesses that operate and support a community.  

Partnering with businesses through sponsorships is an ideal way to both help businesses and the community. Since businesses have goods and services to offer, those resources can be utilized to help serve the community through ministry channels. For instance, we could use recreational facilities to house ministry events, we could use ice cream shops for ice cream socials, we can even use grocery stores and restaurants by using fundraiser deals. The possibilities honestly go as far as the willfulness of the

Businesses can also fund and sponsor our ministry event to help the youth and families of the community.

How We Partner With Churches

Churches are very important to the health and productivity. Since members of churches can fit in all other categories listed on this page, the influence of the church is very prominent. The church has the ability to the be the heart of the community and to inspire all of its members to live by the love and teaching of Jesus.

The love and teachings of Jesus are the ultimate blue print for the correct and way to live life. Jesus promised that if you live by his teachings then you will know the truth and the truth will set you free. He also stated that he is the only way to life and life of internal abundance. So we can think of churches as a way that introduce all to Christ, unite all in Christ, and give the blue prints to living a abundant life of joy, peace, and brotherly love. Churches promote Christ Like Love which promote good ethics an virtues. The love of Christ is selfless and put other above himself, if we follow that model then our whole community will be looking out for one another. If a community desires to prosper, then functioning with out a church is not an option, all should live within the kingdom of God if they desire their communities to live correctly.

We help churches because we ourselves are a part of the church, that is the body of Christ. We understand the importance of the communal gathering of believers to learn the thing of God and help others as they themselves are helped.

We are a para-church ministry which means that we partner with the churches in our community to reach kids and point them to Christ. We are willing to collaborate with churches by directing families to them, partnering for ministry events, participating in their ministry events, and any other way we can. To bring people to the kingdom is what we are all about, so to bring people to churches is apart of that goal.