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Campus Life

Many teenagers are longing for positive friendships and a place to address everyday life issues since the pressures facing our youth today can be overwhelming.

Campus Life provides an all-inclusive, fun, social environment where middle and high school students can have a safe place to grow and make healthy, up-lifitng friendships while discussing big concepts to challenge and empower their way of living.

This safe environment is held in weekly meetings which are led by a team of Godly leaders who care deeply for the safety and growth of the youth. They are caring adults that are passionate about our youth and want them to know that they are never alone. Our team of leaders have the passion for sharing the love of Christ.

Leaders facilitate a fun filled meeting that has games, music, food, and lots of laughs. Games are usually followed by very interesting discussions geared to engage the imaginations of the youth and allow them to find comfortability in talking through important questions that help them ponder life, purpose, community, integrity, honesty, and so much more. These young individuals are truly helped to see the love God in all areas of life and encouraged to share this love by serving people around them.

Age Groups

Campus Life is separated into two grade ranges, Middle School and High School.

Middle School Grades  6th -8th

High School Grades  9th -12th


As a youth organization, we do really know how to have fun! Our events can range from things like ice-skating and waterparks to movie nights and festive meals. Basically, anything fun and exciting that youth will like and will encourage them to step out of their comfort zones.


Trips are an amazing for kids to get away from everyday life and have an adventure! Teenagers are welcomed to come along as we go white water rafting, to the beach, water parks, and other amazing destinations. No matter how many trips we take they are always focused on the growth of the youth. Teens always come back energized, greatful, excited, and passionate about the God’s love for the world.