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CL Sports

Sport Leagues & Tournaments


Year round we run leagues for a variety of sports. High school and middle School students are provided organized leagues for their favorite sports. These leagues are opened to all and geared to help youth excel in their athletic at abilities and grow in their virtues.

As we continue to add more and more sport leagues here are the leagues that we currently offer

  • Basketball
  • Baseball
  • Flag football
  • Spikeball


Year- round we host tournaments for a variety of sports. Highschool and Middle Schoolers are provided with organized tournament for their favorite sports. These tournaments usually have a cash prize and are created to allow youth to compete in fun sporting events.

Camps And Clinics

Camps are created to help young athletes grow in their athletic ability so that they can be even better by the time their next league starts back up.

CL Sports has been created to provide organized athletic systems for both recreational and competitive purposes to all teens who have the desire to play. It offer’s yearly, leagues, events, tournaments, and open gyms for a variety of sports. Created to provide teenagers with sports leagues that they can compete in year-round, CL sports offers sporting activities for all whether they are on their school teams or not.

With Jesus’s values at the for front of what we do in this organization, Parents can be encouraged that their children will be lead and encouraged by righteous leaders who desire to guide and inspire young athletes to grow in their athletic capabilities and develop their character in their everyday life as well. We hope to provide your young athletes with Leaders who can coach them in their athletics as well as mentor them to be righteous individuals who positively impact society by their positive character and service to their communities and families.

We desire to add value to the school sporting systems as well. One our goals is to train up righteous athletes who are dedicated and disciplined to be of great value to their school coaches and teammates. As we hold our integrity with high regard, CL Sports has been designed as a unifying organization that will assist and harness as much of the community as possible to fulfill its mission. In whatever community you will find us in, we will be known as an honorable organization that actively engages the youth and improves the athletic systems of its society and schools.

Contact us

My name is Cre Gardner and I am the director of CL Sports. If you desire to have someone registered in any of our leagues, tournaments, and/or clinics contact me. I would love to get in touch with you. My information is included below

Crecenzo Gardner Director of CL Sports


Phone Number: (724) 554-5206