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City Life

City Life is a relational, holistic, community-based ministry that desires to see deep change in an urban neighborhood by raising up leaders out of the youth of that community. This ministry is effective in transforming the lives of urban youth, their families, and the communities that they live in.

City Life ministry leaders are dedicated to the youth of the community. We organize and facilitate weekly get-togethers, activities, events, and trips with the focus on guiding the youth to help them develop strong Godly foundations in their character that will help them lead a life of wisdom and success. We hope to inspire the youth of these communities to become leaders of their own and help their community by the righteous character of their everyday livelihood.

As there is a considerable rising number of impoverished youth in the urban communities that we serve, we are seeking to meet the physical needs of the kids just as much as the spiritual and mental ones. Food, clothes, shelter, and anything else the youth might need, we are supplying so that they may live a healthier safer lifestyle as they are empowered and lead to acquire and take care of their necessities as they grow up.

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We host weekly get togethers focused on giving the youth a time joy, laughter, and inspiration to grow into the upright livelihoods they have been created to live. Here the youth will be provided with good food as well as fun games and sporting actives for the kids to experience joy and take their mind off the hardships they may be going through. The youth then are lead in inspiring discussion about life, values, the love of Jesus and His restorative plan for their lives. We are dedicated to a provide consistent safe haven every week for the youth to find peace and grow.

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To gather the youth of the community, have an amazing time, and to impact their lives to better their future is the goal of our events. With a wide Variety of what we do a few of our focusses are: Sports, Feasts, Movies, Community Service, Concerts, and anything else we can imagine!

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Trips are an amazing for kids to get away from everyday life and have an adventure! Teenagers are welcomed to come along as we go white water rafting, to the beach, water parks, and other amazing destinations. No matter how many trips we take they are always focused on the growth of the youth. Teens always come back energized, greatful, excited, and passionate about the God’s love for the world. (Link to Trips Page)