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Canonsburg Youth Armory Center 

Armory Youth Center

We founded the Armory Youth Center on (insert date), and ever since, it has been a prominent part of our community. What was an old Armory for the U.S. Army has now been turned into a Youth Facility that can house a huge diversity of activities and programs for the youth. The first floor is composed of a full gymnasium with a full-sized basketball court and batting area. Beneath the first floor is a common area with doorways that lead to a workout room with proper exercise equipment, a gaming room, a kitchen, and large padded room for wrestling classes.

Here at the Armory We have host a number of after school programs for kids that facilitate things for educational purposes, life mentoring, and athletic training. Our Facility is commonly used for athletic programs, after school academic programs, mentoring programs, Campus life club meetings, and Community partnership programs. Our facility has become well known in the community for helping youth grow mentally, physically, educationally, and spiritually as we are founded upon the mission of introducing individuals to the love of Jesus.

Rent out our Facility

Our Facility is open to individuals and organizations who desire to rent it out for their programs. The Armory Youth Center has been found favorable to many as a place to facilitate activities and programs.

If you desire to rent out our facility, click the link below to learn more about our renting options and fill an application to get started on scheduling your activities here.