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Thank you to our 2022-23 Business Support Partners!

Business Support Partners

By being a Business Support Partner with Youth For Christ you enable our ministry team leaders to continue the hard work of building friendships with hundreds of kids and their families throughout Pittsburgh. These friendships serve as the bridge for transforming impact for our communities.

As a business in our community, we are thankful for all you do. You understand how important it is working with others which is vital for success.  The battles our teenagers face on a daily base for their heart, mind and soul is ongoing. You may be investing in your future employees, students or staff but more importantly, you are impacting young lives for their eternity.

Senior Level:

Junior Level:

Sophomore Level:

Freshman Level:

  • Branch Creative Group
  • Bridge Insurance Group
  • D.L. Richie Painting & Decorating
  • Kerr’s Auto Body
  • Pierson & Scott, Inc.
  • Timothy K. Slater Funeral Services

Every dollar goes directly to support our youth in our communities…

Your financial support is vital as every ounce of it is put towards cultivating and facilitating faith communities that transform and develop the youth by the power of the Gospel of the Risen Lord, Jesus Christ.

Leaders and followers are what ministry is all about. When a leader, whose sole motivation is the well-being and growth of their follower, steps into the life of another individual and models a way of life that is in the image of Jesus, that is what true ministry is. To have the greatest impact on one’s existence, the leader should have a frequently involved position in their follower’s life to allow the follower to establish friendship, trust, and respect. We believe that when a leader is involved in a follower’s weekly life and their actions work in perfect harmony with their speech, this creates the most impactful form

of leadership. And when this is applied within the image of Jesus, it is the most impactful form of leadership anyone will ever experience.

Our ministry provides the leadership in the equation and draws the youth in to be followers of these Christ-Like leaders. With your funding these leaders can put all their time and effort to pray and work for the transformation and the restoration of their followers. These paid staff leaders need funding to maintain the facilities they are using, purchase equipment for the activities they are running, buy food and snacks to feed the students, and to take care of their families since this is their full-time job.

As these leaders and their facilities are funded, they can focus less on means of trying gain money on their own and focus more on what is truly beneficial to all, serving the youth. With more of their attention focused on learning God’s word to teach the youth, developing relationships with youth, helping the youth through very dark hardships, and being the guiding force that keeps them on the right path towards the Father.

More investment in these leaders means more youth impacted, cultivated, and developed into Christ like leaders. These youth will begin serving all around them and grow up impacting, cultivating, and developing other leaders who will grow up serving those around them. Your investment in our ministry goes a long way in generations to come.

All should know that the most vital component of the future of a society is our youth and We have found that by making the youth the center of all focus, we can help align every other part of a community in perfect harmony by calibrating all into this goal of taking care of the development of the young ones.

Restoration is found in the generations to come, and the development of those youth is drastically dependent upon the influence of the generations in charge now. The youth is the future of the humanity, future of creation, future of everything; if we all align together under the head of Christ and focus on raising these children the way they should go, then the future of our societies will be better than they ever were before.